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Quit riding your bike,

Inside of you exists an adventurer.  A hair-raising seeker of experience.  They are begging to be released, but where do they start?  Which direction should they head?  Dawn to Dusk MTB will guide you, the adventurer, to peaks yet visited, deserts yet crossed, and triumphs yet celebrated.  Combining cycle, fitness, and personal development curriculum together we'll release that hair-raiser.  Let's go.

Choose your Adventure!

Camps Include:

  • 3 Guided Rides (Expert / Intermediate / Beginner Divisions)

  • 3 Fitness Workouts (Power & Strength / Function & Mobility / Recovery)

  • 3 Instructional Seminars

  • Recovery Center (Normatec, Theragun, Blue Sky CBD)

  • Daily Lunch from Local Eateries 

  • Swag Bag 

  • Technical Riding Jersey

  • Mechanic Support 

  • Body Composition and FTP Testing

            Not Included: Airfare and Lodging (discount at host hotel)

Shuttles Include:

  • 3 Curated Routes (El Jefe / Medio / Pequeño)

  • Breakfast and Coffee

  • Hands-free Bike Loading/Unloading

  • Standard bike tools and basic mechanic support.

  • Potential new friendships!

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